Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Singles

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Singles

Unique Valentines Gifts
Unique Valentines Gifts

Well, it’s time again to think about Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for those special Christian singles in your life. If you need some help thinking about some unique Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart, the following list will give you some ideas. The unique Valentine’s Day gifts with an asterisk next to it would be appropriate for those singles who maintain an online or long distance dating relationship:

Top 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift #1- Online Unique Valentine’s Day Card *

Upload your personalized photo or video using a free service like Kodak.com or Google Video, respectively, and send a cute pic with a sweet note. (They will love this!)*

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift #2-Name a Star For Them*

If you can’t give them the moon, how about a star? At star-registry.com you can name a star for your valentine. Talk about an out-of-this-world, unique Valentine’s Day gift!

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift #3- Personalized M&Ms *

This unique Valentine’s gift for him or she puts a personal touch on this perennial chocolate favorite. You can pick your own colors and put your own romantic messages on them. For more info, go to www.mms.com

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift #4- I Love You Coupon Book*

With this unique Valentine’s Day gift from Essentials.com, you can give your Valentine coupons redeemable for various acts of love, fun and romance Each perforated coupon includes inspirational quotes and space for personal notes. I really like this one!

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift # 5-Make Your Own Gift Basket *

Through designityourselfgiftbaskets.com, you can design your own Valentine’s day care package for that special single in your life.

Perennial Non-Unique
Valentine’s Day Gift Favourites

For those of you who are not looking for a unique Valentine’s Day Gift, see the following top yearly Valentine Day Gifts:

Flowers *
Romantic Dinner
Candy *
Scented Candles *
Gift certificates for time at a health spa or a sporting event*
Jewelry *
Perfume or cologne *
Movie or a local theatre production
Romantic dinner for two

Two points on Valentine’s Day

  • Remember, what’s most important is not the kind of Valentine’s Day gift, but the thought behind it.
  • If you have yet to meet a valentine, please don’t fret or get depressed, but wait cheerfully on God for His provision. He always keeps His promises.

Are you a single Christian with your own perspective on Valentine’s Day? Do you have something to share about Valentine’s Day unique gifts?

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