When God Seems Unfair-Oasis-Church-NJ.com Message Series

When God Seems Unfair-Oasis-Church-NJ.com Message Series

Ever feel God is unfair? Maybe you have been observing how all the good people get the short end of the stick while the good people seem to suffer needlessly? Do you ever wonder where God is when this happens? Let’s get a little personal. Maybe YOU are single and looking for that perfect soulmate, but never seem to find him or her? Maybe you are now suffering in a poor relationship after having done all you could to avoid making poor choices? ? Maybe you are suffering from an illness while all others around you are perfectly healthy? Maybe that lazy jerk on the job got the promotion while you, a hard working, nice person was completely overlooked?

These are just of a few of issues people have come to us when they have questioned why God does what He does.

When God Seems Unfair

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