Where to Meet Christian Single Women or Men

Where to Meet Christian Single Women or Men

Where to meet christian single women and menEver wonder where to meet Christian Single women or men?  I know some lonely Christian single guys in one of the small groups I lead who sure do. A typical question in our support group goes along these lines: “So how and where do I go about meeting a nice Christian girl?”

Since we were curious ourselves (aren’t you guys?), we decided to do some research on the Internet. What we found was quite interesting. For example, In 2023 American Demographics surveyed over 1500 engaged couples to find out how they found each other. Here are the results:

Top Ways Where and how Single Men and Women Meet

Online Dating Services…20%
Common Interest Activities…10%

So what are single Christians supposed to do with these findings?

Start by noticing that each one of the top ways singles meet other singles is through their doing something.

In Matthew 7, Jesus encourages us to practice a proactive type of faith when he stated “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Of course, our Lord could answer a single Christian’s simple prayer, and supernaturally drop their perfect match into their laps. That would be cool. But more often than not, He wants us to stretch our faith by putting us into a position of prayerful “seeking and knocking”.

I realize there are some Christians who feel that by their inaction they are being spiritual and submissive to the Lord’s will for their lives. But our God is a God of action, and He calls us to imitate Him, as long as we do so in faith and humility.

 10  ways to meet other single Christians

Therefore, in light of the above singles dating survey here are some practical faith-filled steps a Christian singles interested in dating could take:

  1. Circulate your stock. Let your family and friends know you are seeking a mate, and ask them to keep an eye open for you. Don’t be embarrassed, but just step out in faith. Unless you express your needs they can’t help you. Remember that they know you the best, and may be able to spot a good match for you.

  2. Many local churches host singles groups that create a community of faith-based individuals. Participate in these groups to make connections and find potential dates.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone. Each year more and more single Christians are using online Christian dating services. Consider doing the same. On this site, you will find the top Christian Matchmaking sites, most of which offer free trial memberships. A neat positive about online dating is that you can search databases for the exact type of person you are seeking to meet. Just make sure you read about online saftey dating tips.

  4. Take time to join in on some fun activities that you enjoy. This could be as simple as attending a church singles group, hobby club, fitness club, or sporting event. These are natural ways to meet other singles in your area of passion and interest.

  5. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your efforts by putting all of the above into action.

  6. Keep a positive attitude as you claim God’s promises for your life (Psalms 37:4, Jer. 29:11, Prov. 3:5,6). Remember, He is in control and knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Has He ever failed you in the past?

  7. For younger singles, Christian colleges and universities often have groups and events geared toward connecting students. Engage in these activities to meet potential dating partners.
  8. Participating in Christian travel groups or mission trips can lead to bonding with like-minded individuals. Working together for a shared cause is a great way to meet other singles of the opposite sex.
  9. As noted in the above survey, friends and family members can be wonderful matchmakers. Letting them know you are interested in meeting other Christian singles might lead to an introduction to someone special.
  10. The rise of online dating platforms designed specifically for Christians offers a modern approach to finding love. Sites like ChristianMingle and ChristianCafe allow you to search for a partner who shares your faith.

Christian singles often find it challenging to meet like-minded individuals for dating relationships. The quest for a partner who shares faith and values doesn’t have to be daunting.  I hope the above tips guide will lead you to explore various avenues to connect with other Christian singles who are looking for meaningful relationships. Are you a Christian single or recently engaged, and want to share where to meet single women and men tips?  Make your comments about how Christian Singles meet other singles right here. Do you have other Christian dating tips for single men and women?

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    • Megan

      So basically do exactly what an unsaved person would do?
      Why am i looking under “Christian” dating then?
      Not that this is wrong per se, but good grief, we come here looking for specifics when we might as well have gone to a regular dating site. No offense intended, but, yeah….

      • David Butler Author

        Thanks for your comments. No, we absolutely are not advocating that a single Christian “should do what an unsaved person” does.

        In this article we are simply stating facts on where singles meet other singles..including Christian singles. Facts are facts…and we can’t change this. Nor do we want to.

        As Christians, tho, we can take this information and trust the Lord with it, as He leads us in our dating relationships.

        • Sheila

          Recently, I met a man on an online dating service. From his emails and profile, he seems amazing. He shared something rather personal with me and even said that he thought it would scare me away. I assured him that it did not, but it has been a little over a week and I have heard nothing from him. I don’t want to give up, but am I to assume that he has? It really hurts a little that he has not emailed back. I did send a quick email once just to make sure he was okay, still no reply. I don’t think I should have to pursue him, but I don’t really want to keep waiting. What should I do? There seemed to be potential with this but now, I just don’t know.

          • Monica

            You wrote on where other Christian singles meet. Our answer: Allow him to contact you. If you don’t hear back from him maybe it was God’s plan for it to work out this way. I personally have found that men on dating websites are rarely looking for a commitment. Just my personal experience. I wouldn’t let it get me down. Maybe he saw that you were a little more serious than he was ready to be. Count that as a blessing because he could have played games by stringing you along. Learn from this and try again.

            • AL

              CHRISTIAN SINGLES Online dating is hard – note I met my now-ex online ( thorugh ‘same interest’ forums, we were friends for years, then more.. til she walked out suddenly.
              I’ve now, after 1 1/2+ years joined an online site and see where God will lead, did meet one person ( met online then IN person ) so far, since she was geographically close – pleasant and fun, but now she’s quiet and avoiding as well,so I wonder if it just wasn;t meant to be, or if she’s scared 9as I am / was).
              I know from experience that the ‘online thing’ works, but AM leery of ‘dating sites’.
              ( and do take offense to your ‘men not committing’ , although maybe majority of men are that way, even on ‘Christain’ sites – I’d do ANYTHING for the right woman, and I sure hope God sends her along (and soon, lol, before temptation gets to me,being alone and uncertain is hard )

              • Michelle

                Im single. Im 33 yr female white. Looking for a single white male for long term relationship and marriage and children. I just want someone to love me. All my life I have felt alone. So if you are looking for a woman who is still a virgin and still believes in marriage then I am your girl. Please get in touch with me. 🙂

                • Tika

                  I am a 28 years old woman, and I do realize that living as a single is getting tougher, but I don’t have any courage to go out from the comfort zone, so there was time that I met someone through online, and it has been for a year by now. We chat, email, cams and sometimes the relationship is on and off. Since it is a long distance so we just communicate few hours daily, and sometimes few times a week. I just want to know whether I can call it as a real relationship? Can I just pray to God if probably we could meet each other one day? Because sometimes I feel that having relationship like that is a bit silly, however it keeps going on until now.

                  • david

                    Great website.
                    I am a Christian male, and I must hasten to add that our older brethren have misled many of us (unintentionally).
                    As men, we should be bold, manly, forward looking and be ever aware of the shortness of time to achieve the big goals that God has placed before us.
                    That being said, we need to be action oriented, and ask these ladies out. We should never be afraid of being turned down. It is unfortunate but many timid men are in the churches. They need to express their interests in our sisters without engaging in any immoral acts. We should not keep on waiting “for God’s will”. God’s will is clearly spelt out in the Bible: Christians may only marry other Christians. There is nothing more to know about God’s will.
                    However, to know if the particular single and available Christian you’re looking at/dating is God’s will, check if you truly have a love/attraction/desire for this person. If you do, then that is God’s will right there. Pray and act to bring it to fruition. There is no other secret to God’s will.
                    We have been passive for too long, waiting for the so-called “God’s will”, and have exposed ourselves to unnecessary temptations. One of the reasons for marriage is to prevent fornication. Delaying marriage indefinitely is a great source of sexual immorality even among Christians. The other two reasons the Bible gave for marriage are companionship, and child bearing/rearing. Anything else is our own inventions. There are many lonely single Christians among us, and they are not getting married because of wrong teachings.

                    • DAVID CRANE

                      I am a single male Christian. I was saved in 2011 and recently baptised. I am so blessed by God and the power of the Holy spirit, at times is so overwhelming. I have a fantastic circle of Christian friends at my church but would like to connect wider with fellow single Christians. I have many favourite scriptures in particular:
                      ROMANS 12:2
                      JOHN 16:6 – 20
                      I also love the Beatatitudes and EPHESIANS.
                      God does not want us to be lonely but to meet others of like mindedness. Please get in touch and have a period of sharing, fellowship and an online coffee. So lets wake up to God together and make a difference in our lives. Lets ward off the devil JOHN 10:10 and be best mates in God and Jesus Christ. The more people that are with God we will fend off the ungodly one. STRENGTH WILL RISE AS WE WAIT UPON THE LORD. Hear from anyone soon. DV

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