Spiritual Relationships and Christian Soul Mates

Spiritual Relationships and Christian Soul Mates

A whole lot of Christians want to know about spiritual relationships and soul mates. Like is it possible for Christians of the opposite sex who have a close spiritual relationship to be Christian soul mates. Many people feel the best determining factor in determining a successful marriage (or dating relationship for that matter) is how close the couple is spiritually.  Studies show that those couples who experience close spiritual relationships  with each other have a much greater chance of staying in that relationship. For example, if a  Christian couple prays  and goes to church together, they  reduce their chance of a break up by at least 14%.  So, while you may have found a soul mate you feel connected and attracted to emotionally and physically, but what about the spiritual component?

Spiritual Relationships and Soul Mates Podcast

In today’s Christian podcast, the issue at hand is what makes for a good spiritual relationship and soul mates.  If you are in a dating relationship or are waiting on God for one, this podcast will be quite uplifting and helpful. What is your take on spiritual relationships and soul mates?

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